March Menu

Spring is in the air. The sun is out and signs of growth are everywhere. This month the menu is as new as the blooms bursting from the trees. The featured vegetable of the month is celerac (also known as Celery Root). It will be served with our grilled lamb and roast garlic chicken. Grow and expand this spring by trying one of the new items on the menu. Please give at least 24 hours advance notice for an order and remember that prices reflect 2, 4 or 6 servings. Happy Spring.

March 4-7

Carrot Ginger Soup
French Fougass

Smooth and flavorful carrot soup is served with a rustic bread
filled with mozzarella cheese, red onion, olive and bacon.
Topped with parmesan, tomato, olive and more bacon.

2/$20 4/$32 6/$42

Chicken Pot Pie
Green Salad

A creamy broth with chunks of chicken, carrots, onion,
celery and peas encased in a flakey crust. Served with a
fresh spring green salad and house made vinaigrette.

2/$20 4/$39 6/$49

March 11-14

Risotto with Mushroom and Asparagus
Green Salad
Bread Boule

Arborio rice cooked to creamy perfection in chicken broth
with mushrooms finished with asparagus and parmesan cheese.

2/$20 4/$35 6/$45

Grilled Herb Lamb
Puree of Celerac
Roasted Asparagus

Lamb marinated with lemon and herbs and grilled to a perfect
medium. Celerac is the root of a celery plant. When cooked and
pureed it makes a smooth, creamy and slightly sweet alternative
to potatoes. This meal is finished with roasted asparagus spears.

2/$39 4/$49 6/$59

March 18-21

Potato Leek Soup
Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Onion
Green Salad

This Weekday Bistro favorite is a twist on a comfort food favorite.
Creamy potato soup with delicate leeks and salty bacon
is just right with our updated grilled cheese with caramelized
onion. A spring green salad makes this meal healthy and delicious.

2/$20 4/$30 6/$40

Grilled Chicken Paillard with Mustard Sauce
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Green Salad

Thin chicken breast that have been pounded flat or “paillarded” and grilled. Served with Weekday Bistro’s famous creamy mustard sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes and a fresh mix of spring greens.

2/$29 4/$39 6/$49

March 25-28

Veggie Enchiladas
Homemade Guacamole
Green Salad

Homemade Enchiladas filled with black beans
grilled veggies, corn and cheese. Fresh guacamole
and a spring green salad.

2/$25 4/$35 6/$45

Roasted Garlic Chicken
Puree of Celerac
Green Salad

Tender roasted chicken thighs infused with garlic pair perfectly
with our puree of celerac and spring greens.

2/$29 4/$39 6/$49

Bread Boule $4


Lemon Shortbread from The Sugared Spoon $2 each

Lola’s Ice Cream $8 Quart

Strawberry (A springtime favorite)
Cookie Monster
Madagascar Vanilla

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