Give Thanks

Do you find it hard to be grateful on Thanksgiving? It’s difficult to stop in the middle of all the preparations and remember to give thanks. Weekday Bistro would like to help you feel more gratitude and less stress this season. Instead of spending days in the kitchen, use that time to play a game with the kids, call a friend and tell them how grateful you are for their presence in your life, or just relax and enjoy the abundance around you.


Thanksgiving Sides Menu

Mashed Potatoes                            $7/Serves 4
Creamy, melt in your mouth potatoes made with real russett potatoes, cream, butter and sour cream. YUM!

Stuffing                                        $10/serves 4
Made with bread crumbs, onion, sausage, cranberry, and so much more. Perfect when baked on it’s own or stuffed in the bird.

Fresh Cranberries                            $8/8oz jar
Fresh made tart, slightly sweet and spicy cranberry with a hint of citrus. This isn’t the stuff you buy in a can. You’ll never want to eat Turkey without it again.

Gravy                                                  $6/pint

Rich and delicious made with slow simmered Turkey stock.  Heat and serve.  No extra mess in the kitchen and no need to wait to put everything on the table.


Quinoa and Roasted Sweet Potato   $10/serves 4


This is a great alternative to stuffing if some guests are avoiding gluten or if you have vegetarians in the crowd.  Quinoa is a great source of protein and the roasted sweet potato adds traditional touch of  flavor.  The addition of roasted red onion adds subtle sweetness making it a great alternative to overly sweet yams.


Orders will gratefully be accepted until Monday, November 24.  Place orders by email to or call 714-307-9453.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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